AMAZING Mobile cell phone Finger Ring Stand Holder Phone Ring Grip 360°Universal Grip

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    • Stand angle easily adjusts, can be revolve in either horizontal direction 360 Degree or vertical direction 180 degree (Multi-angle for choice), you can adjust the most comfortable angle to enjoy films, TV shows etc.
    • Uses advanced and sticky 3M pressure sensitive adhesive. Your phone will not easy to fall.
    • Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating Phone and taking picture. Washable and reusable
    • Using zinc alloy metal material, the appearance looks gorgeous and beautiful
    • AS A GIFT: with a water drop shape, the stand looks Simple but elegant, you can put it as a gift.

Here is a quick overview of our Finger Ring Stand Holder for your Mobile devices. This accessory may be smaller in size but it is big on function. Its simple design offers a perfect match with any device.

How to Apply it

 It has got a sticky gel pad that is secure and reusable to easily fit your style. Note that the Gel pad only sticks to flat and neat surfaces, it won’t stick to textured or curved phones and cases. Just peel off the adhesive protector and Simply position and apply it to the back of the phone or case and it’s done.

Its Functions

 Once on, it has got a firm hold that would not fall off. You can even free your hand to grab other things while still holding onto your phone. With the added grip, it become more comfortable and convenient when using your mobile device. Thanks to this extra support the finger ring gives you the ability to reach more of your screen without having to rest your phone on your fingers.

On top of all, you can use the Finger Ring Stand Holder as a kickstand in a horizontal or vertical position. If you need to remove it, one way to do so is to carefully peel off from one end, you’ll see that it leaves no residue when taken off leaving your phone and case clean. This Finger Ring Stand Holder from Navor will really help simplify your mobile experience.

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